Jun 23, 2012

2012-14 Toyota Camry Backup Camera System

Toyota has been one of the most popular and reliable cars and Toyota Camry has been the most popular model since the 1980s.  Toyota reintroduced the Camry in late 2007 with an all new look and a major interior restyle.  The coolest feature of the all new interior is the 7” high definition full touch screen Entune radio.  Entune brings some of your most popular apps from your smart phone to fully integrate into the vehicle’s multimedia system.  Entune also allow you to listen to hundreds of different radio stations across the country, brought to you by Iheart Radio. 
You can create customized personal playlists through Pandora. You can even see what movies are playing and where and then purchase the tickets all through the radio.  Entune is available with or without navigation and this is all very cool technology, however one very important safety feature is lacking as a standard in all model Camry’s. 
That feature is the all important rear view camera which is only available starting at the SE trim level and even then it requires the purchase of the convenience package and moon roof.  This makes the camera option cost in excess of $1500, just in added packages not to mention the added price difference getting to the SE trim level.  With over 44% of accidental deaths occurring from vehicle back over’s, most of which involve very small children; you would think this would be a standard feature on all trim levels without the purchase of other added features.  After doing extensive research, I have found a company that not only offers a factory integrated camera on all trim levels, but offers it at a stupid affordable price.  This camera system integrates to display right on your existing 7” Entune color multimedia screen.  You can check it out here.

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  1. That is sweet - NAV-TV has a Camry Backup Camera for the 2012 with APPs Radio Entune.


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